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How to Join Jamun Medical Devices for the 2nd Part of Life
Jamun Medical Devices is a healthy, promising business focused on the silver industry for healthy life up to 100 as the number of seniors will explode in the 21st Century.

  1. The market is exploding with the increasing number of healthy seniors after retirement.

    The senior population’s value has shifted from sacrifice for the offspring to their own health and pleasure.

    The silver industry is
    health industry.

    • Everyone is interested in living healthy up to 100 years of age due to the rapid increase in senior population.

      The Korean government has announced support for senior-friendly businesses as the new growth industry.

    • Explosive increase in active seniors (retirement of Baby Boomers – financially stable).

      The emergence of new senior generation (grandmas and grandpas in jeans).

    • Highly interested in health as they are very health-conscious.
  2. Jamun Medical Devices “works for your healthy life up to 100.”

    Jamun Medical Devices
    an unstopping
    future business.

    • Prevention is the best way to stay healthy and defy aggravation of symptoms.

      The study of sleep science to develop products for better blood circulation based on the traditional Ondol culture of Korea.

    • The Ondol culture of Korea is scientifically proven for healthy life.

      Products developed by scientific study of healthy sleep and product lineup for healthy diet and discharge.

    • To be healthy, joyous, and well.

주식회사 잠언의료기

Senior Health Community for Healthy Life up to 100

Health/Information Service
  1. Health/Information Service
  2. Life/Information Service
  3. Health/Management Service
  4. Culture/Leisure Service
  5. Meal/Nutrition Service

“Jamun Medical Devices is a beautiful company for the future of healthy life up to 100.”

Jamun Medical Devices studies and produces various medical devices for healthy sleep, joyous diet, and discharging well.

Yeuggak Ssanggeum Jang
Jamun Laser Irradiator
호크바 Ⅰ
원목 좌욕기
Wooden Hip Bath
잠언 이온수기
Jamun Ion Water Generator

Jamun Medical Devices’ Support from Head Office 7 Characteristics of Business

  1. We are not an ordinary franchise business. We have no franchise fees or any mandatory fees. The investment for opening a business is very affordable and the business can be tailored for each franchisee.
  2. The Head Office’s product training program provides the know-how for the experience center and supports advertising, PR, and promotion activities(nationwide training, branch seminars, etc.).
  3. We share information with customers through nationwide network and host ‘100-year Health Seminars’ to attract customers’ visit and ongoing marketing of products for revenues.
  4. The head office hosts various events and visits customers for the reliability of products and manages the risks through regional management of executive members.
  5. Each customer who tries our products can bring their families, relatives, and friends who can be potential customers. We take advantage of viral advertising and experience marketing.
  6. We provide ongoing design policies with consistency of advertising materials.
  7. We secure stable sales rights and manage members with purchases through local branches for continuous revenues.
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